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New Loveless Fic: Absolution

 I just started a new Loveless fic a few weeks ago: www.fanfiction.net/s/6104643/1/Absolution  It's shonen ai/yaoi, and follows from the most recent manga scans.  My idea of some resolution for Soubi and Ritsuka.  It takes place 8 years after Seimei's reappearance.  Hope you'll check it out!

Pairing:  SoubiXRitsuka
Rating: T for mild sexual situations/violence

Yaoi!  But not smut.  

Rukilex (writing as Masumi's Sword)

Bleach Halloween Writing Challenge!

The "So You Want to Write Bleach Fics" Forum on Fanfiction is sponsoring a Bleach Halloween writing contest/challenge? First prize wins our fervent admiration (sorry, but that's about all we have to offer!).

Post your fics here and/or on Fanfiction.net and be sure to post a link on Fanfiction at: http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/So_you_want_to_write_Bleach_fics/63974/

Here are the rules:

1) Deadline: Midnight EST Tuesday, 10/27/09, voting will begin on 10/28/09 on my fanfiction.net profiile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1796608/RukiLex
 The fic with the most votes wins!

2) Length: 500 words or less

3) Prompts: skeleton, gigai, slimy, candy (include at least 2 in your fic, please!)

4) Style, etc.: Your choice - anything goes (angsty, funny, silly, romantic)

5) Pairings: none required, but Bleach characters only - no OC's please!

6) Rating: up to "T" only, please, since many of us are not 18 (wish I could say that, lol!)

Questions? Post 'em here, on DA or FF or email me! Post your links here when you finish your fic!


I just finished my Ichiruki fanfic:  King's Key: The Four Prongs!  It's IC, adventure/romance, part way through the Hueco Mundo arc.  If you like a strong Rukia (I do!), you'll probably enjoy the story.


It's 30 chapters long, lots of IchiRuki love, and I think Ichiruki fans will enjoy the ending.  Rated T (some language, sexual situations, no porn/smut).

Shameless promotion, I know, but I think you'll enjoy it.  Please email or review comments - I love to hear feedback (and so far, so good!).  This is my personal fantasy of how the Hueco Mundo arc should end.